Argosy Post

Resolves a wide range print sizes, fonts, and print resolutions that cause problems for standard readers.


Parcel Vision

Enables OCR for different parcel shapes/sizes.

Omni-directional recognition.

Automatically identifies critical points of data to be extracted.


Argosy Mobile

Advanced data extraction and address verification mobile application which improves parcel induction time, reduces manual handling and undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) cost.


Smart Match

Uses innovative AI techniques and algorithms exceeding established norms. Easily adaptable to various handwriting style for various countries.


Smart Script

Recognize and reduce character noise.

Cross-reference - fuzzy logic string searches.


Sig Verify

Signature matching to automate validation step for voting by mail.

Utilizes latest artificial intelligence technology optimized for signature matching.

Trainable to accommodate natural signature variance at different customers to ensure optimal performance.