Advanced neural network algorithms that decode all actionable data - regardless of form style or country.

Parcel Vision

A solution that converts the intensive array of information that appears on parcels into actionable data. We use a simple and methodical process using the industry’s most advanced neural network algorithms that decodes each piece of information to allow automation to both read and leverage this for the operator. This revolutionary process and product is called Parcel Vision. Parcel Vision is the product customers have been searching for to address all their parcel automation requirements.

Designed specifically to provide the highest assignment rates with the lowest possible errors and delivers address recognition and validation for all machine printed and handwritten information regardless of shipping label form style or country.

Features include

    Omni font character set with adaptive Intelligence

    Industry’s leading machine print and handwriting recognition

    Omni directional label orientation detection and automatic correction

    Supports grayscale TIFFs, JPGs, and BMPs and can be injected without binarization

    Multi-image recognition for each parcel

    Supports image scaling to improve recognition performance

    Provides customizable default configurations for unique customer labels

    The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is localized to other languages using a text resource file

    Operates on Windows 7 & 10 OS and supports both 32 & 64 bit processors

    CEN 15448 compliant & customizable to operate in any country



RAF’s advancements in neural network research and development is a game changer! Conventional ICR engines often require tailor-made algorithms and adjustments to utilize automatic text recognition for different languages; accounting for people’s different handwriting styles, text slant; as well as dealing with technical imaging issues, e.g. camera position, camera angle, uneven illumination etc.

RAF’s SmartScript neural networks utilize a multi-layered learning approach whereby each neuron (node) in each layer contains information passed from other nodes seamlessly connected which provides a high degree of accuracy in both spotting text regions and deciphering characters simultaneously.

As a result, no product on the market today can match SmartScript’s extraordinarily high read rate performance with the lowest error rates and do so in timeframes never seen before.

Features include

Utilizes state-of-the-art neural network technology

Delivers the industry’s highest handwriting recognition rates

Eliminates unwanted character noise which reduces errors

Provides the finest depth of sort including name and unit number

Incorporates name assistance recognition for enhancing recognition results for addresses with missing or incorrect data

Supports international city and country routing for cross border services


Smart Match was developed to enhance the overall read rate of RAF’s MLOCR and incorporates precision tuned algorithms which optimize our engine to recognize and reduce the level of character noise or poor image quality that can be generated from various printing techniques.

Introduced at the national postal forum in 2007, Smart Match offers the next generation of fully integrated address database directories that meet the latest United States Postal Service® Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) and Multi-line Accuracy Support System (MASS) for Cycle ‘N’ and soon ‘O’ requirements, which includes support for DPV, LACSLink and SuiteLink. Optimized to maximize the Adaptive Intelligence built into Argosy Post MLOCR software, Smart Match provides the highest level of address verification and data cleansing performance for all your domestic and international postal address needs.

Features include

Automatically adapts and corrects various degrees of address corruption

Eliminates unwanted character noise which reduces errors

Differentiates multiple aliases for a name (e.g. abbreviations, or historic names)

Flexible search rules that allow you to define multiple address block patterns

Customer data can be customized to generate multiple outputs (e.g. Postcode, Standard address carrier route or GPS coordinates)

Supports both outgoing & incoming applications

Fully meets all Domestic and Foreign Postal Authority data requirements

Includes a standard interface for local and remote Video Encoding systems

Leverages cutting-edge technology developed for the U.S. Treasury


Argosy Post

Our patented Adaptive Technology Multi Line Optical Character Recognition (MLOCR) software simply reads more mail than any other MLOCR because we respond dynamically to a wider range of address locations, print sizes, fonts, and print resolutions that normally cause problems for other readers.

Argosy Post Platinum employs multiple reading algorithms to maximize finalization rates. In essence, our adaptive intelligence process offers our customers a single recognition engine platform with the virtual processing power that is superior to even multiple OCR readers. The result of which is enhanced read rates and minimized errors. All this processing is occurring while using the computing power and efficiency of a single host computer.

So whether you are trying to process shiny/glossy mail, flats, mail with poor contrast, color, or difficult fonts, Argosy Post Platinum will provide the highest possible read rate for your mail operation.

Features include

Address Block Locator: Quickly and accurately finds address even on envelope with multiple paragraphs

Universal Font Reader: RAF’s distinctive approach to character recognition enables the reading of never-before-seen fonts

Intuitive user Interface: Easy to use interface minimizing clicks for rapid configuration changes and reports.

CEN Compliant Solutions

To meet the growing demand for leading edge solutions BlueCrest and RAF Technology have jointly developed an advanced product portfolio that enables innovative postal operators to both enhance their core letter mail business as well as capture a greater share of the booming parcel market. BlueCrest recently deployed its new Vantage sorters to modernize the postal networks for both Correios Brazil and Croatia Post. These organizations chose BlueCrest and RAF Technology as they needed the best turnkey solution offering highly efficient, fast hardware with the most advanced software. The rapid deployment resulted in enhanced network capacity and efficiency on the ground in short order.

These solutions included such critical attributes as full address machine print OCR, full address handwriting ICR, full name recognition on machine and handwriting addresses to provide mover’s functionality, mail facing, complete directory redesign to create more precise match rates, mail type recognition for special handling requirements, and address learning systems for continuous directory improvement, among others. BlueCrest also deployed its VariSort transport which is specifically designed to allow operators to expand their operation and offer new competitive products to their customers in the high growth e-commerce flats and small parcel delivery business.

These advanced products were deployed with an open architecture design using a central control, CEN compliant, software system which ensures the customers can modify and enhance these at their own discretion now and in to the future. These centralized solutions also offer a scalable network platform for generating new revenue sources for postal operators in last mile delivery and cross border services.